Girls Night Out Part 1 - Debbie

When 4 friends venture out on the town for a 'Girl's Night', little did their husband's know that their wives would all be changed women by the morning! One by one, they get picked off and seduced by a group of black male strippers at the infamous Zebra Club! A true example of the power of BBC on hot housewives! This interracial comic series is my personal favorite!

Girls Night Out 
An E&I Enterprises Story 
copyright 2001 by Stormbringer 
Revised 2009

Part 1: Debbie

"I don't think that's wise. I'm not used to drinking. Besides,
who's driving?"

"Loosen up Alisa and have another margarita," said Sheri. "It's
your party for god's sake and we're calling a taxi."

Debbie got up and followed Sheri into the kitchen where they
started mixing up some more frozen margaritas. The four best
friends were celebrating Alisa's bacheolorette party. They had
known each other since high school and kept in close contact ever

The four young women were in Sheri's house in Northeastern
Pennsylvania. Alisa and Kerry lived relatively close in New
Jersey and New York respectively while Debbie lived in New York
City. It was three days before Alisa's wedding.

"I don't think Alisa appreciated your gift," said Sheri. Debbie
had given the traditional gag gift of a dildo to the conservative
young woman.

"I know," said Deb. "I looked all over the city for a realistic
white one, but all the sex shops seem to carry anymore are
oversized black ones and they're all ten to fourteen inches long.
Besides, that's not the only thing I got her."

"Alright," whispered Sheri keeping her voice down so that Alisa
and Kerry couldn't hear. "What have you got planned?"

"Who me?" asked Debbie innocently. "What makes you think I've got
something planned?"

"Because you've always got something up your sleeve and because
if you didn't have something planned you would have drug us all
out to a bar by now."

"Guilty," confessed Debbie. She was the wild one of the bunch.
Debbie had the kind of thin waist and big breasts that attracted
a lot of male attention. The sexy blonde discovered sex early in
high school and hadn't looked back. She liked her men so much she
was the only one who wasn't married except for Alisa. All four
were twenty-five, and Debbie thought the twenties should be spent
having fun, not settling down. "I've got a stripper coming."

"I knew it," said Sheri. "How'd you find one?"

"Yellow pages. Some place called the Zebra Club in Jersey. I
requested a muscular blonde guy. I like the surfer type. I hope
he has a good tan."

"I hope he has a nice package," said Sheri.

"Sheri! I must be rubbing off on you."

Sheri blushed. "I've been married five years now and it gets dull
seeing the same guy every night. I love Dan and would never do
anything to hurt him, but it might be fun to look at another guy
once in awhile." Sheri had reddish-brown hair, white freckled
skin, and a firm, fit body. Her figure was so nice she could have
been a bikini model where Debbie looked more like a stripper.

"I get the impression the fire is dying."

"Yeah, we only make love about once a month now. We're just so
tired from teaching by the end of the day. Not that I would
change anything about my life, but I miss the newness of when we
first started dating."

Debbie patted her friend on the shoulder, grabbed two margaritas
and carried them out to the living room.

The women were reminiscing about old times when the doorbell
rang. "I'll get it," said Sheri, Debbie following her to the
Sheri opened the door and found herself staring into a broad,
muscular, uniformed chest with a badge on it. She looked up to
find a light skinned black man grinning at her, wearing a
motorcycle helmet, his eyes covered by reflective sun glasses.
"Is there a problem officer?"

"You ordered a stripper?" asked the cop.

Debbie giggled. "I asked for a big blonde guy."

The black man took off his helmet to reveal dyed blonde hair.
"You got it."

"But I wasn't expecting a bl..."

"You got a problem with black people," interrupted the stripper.

"N-no not at all," said Debbie. She had nothing against blacks.
Kerry on the other hand hated them with a passion.

"Well, it's me or no one," said the black man. "My name's Lamar."

"Alright Lamar, let's do it," said Debbie.

Lamar handed Sheri a boom box and told her to hit play when he
pointed at her. "Which one's the bride-to-be?"

"She's sitting in the recliner," said Sheri. "Go easy on her,
she's shy."

Lamar pushed past the two women and entered the living room. The
two other women looked up at him in surprise. "Ladies, there's
been a complaint about the noise coming from this house."

"I'm sorry officer," said Alisa sitting up in her chair. "I
wasn't aware we were that loud."

"You weren't and that's the complaint. You need to make some
noise," said Lamar, pointing at Sheri. She hit play on the boom
box and fast paced rap started pounding out of it. Lamar ripped
his shirt open right in front of the startled young woman. Alisa
blushed as she stared at a hard, muscled chest the likes of which
she had never seen on a man before. He wasn't built like a
dancer, more like a boxer, but his movements were graceful. Kerry
looked disgusted, but she stared at the man's chest also. Debbie
and Sheri, sat, and started urging him on.

Lamar danced around the room bringing his chest close to each
girl and thrusting his hips suggestively. He tossed his glasses
aside and then the helmet came off. Soon, he was only wearing
trousers as he kicked his shoes off.

"Damn, that would look so sexy on a white guy," said Debbie
staring at the man's chest. He was dancing before a very
uncomfortable Kerry. The look on her face was one of such disgust
that Debbie thought Lamar would be offended. Kerry had once
mentioned that her grandfather was in the KKK, some of his
beliefs had been passed down to her parents and then on to her.
Kerry had raven-dark hair and pale skin. She was the only mother
in the group. Before her daughter was born, she had a nice
figure. She had not been able to lose the extra weight she had
put on during her pregnancy. Her breasts were now large udders
and her body jiggled in places once smooth and firm. For now, she
had the kind of voluptuous body that drove men crazy, but
promised to become fat by the time she was thirty.

"I think he's sexy, even if he is black," said Sheri clapping her
hands in delight when he came back over to dance for her. "I wish
my husband had a chest half this nice."

"You can touch it if you want," said Lamar. Sheri ran her hand
down Lamar's chest to his rock hard abs. There wasn't an ounce of
fat on his body, everywhere was hard muscles.

"Me too," said Debbie jumping up and running her hand across
Lamar's torso. "I've never felt a chest this hard."

He turned to Alisa and Kerry. "Any of you ladies want to feel a
cop or cop a feel?"
Alisa's face was bright red as she shook her head no. Kerry shook
her head also.

Debbie sat back down as Lamar moved on. The man had been sweating
and her hands were slick from rubbing his chest. She could smell
him on her hands. In fact the whole room was filling with the
man's scent. It was not an offensive odor. It was a very
masculine smell that she found attractive. If the other girls
hadn't been watching, she would have brought her hand up to her
nose to take a deeper whiff. Debbie's nipples hardened under her
bra and her thighs grew clammy with moisture. She had never
entertained sexual thoughts about a black man before, but then
she had never seen a man like Lamar. She glanced over at Sheri
and saw her nipples were also poking out of her blouse. Her
friend was as turned on as she was.

Debbie's mind flashed back to when she was gift hunting in New
York's sex shops. Interracial magazines and movies had taken up
half the floor space in every store she had entered. All featured
muscular black men with large breasted white women on the covers.
The floor space devoted to such stuff obviously indicated a
growing trend towards interracial sex. She had been surprised to
find that all the dildos in every store also reflected the trend.
Every one had been black and unrealistically large.
Debbie looked over at the ten inch black dildo standing erect on
the nightstand besides Alisa, then she turned her attention back
on the black man. "Hey Lamar, lets see what you've got under
those pants," yelled Debbie.

"Pay if you want to see it," said Lamar looking down at Kerry.
She shook her head no and was trying not to stare at Lamar's
chest. Debbie noticed the outlines of Kerry's nipples showing
too. Even her bigoted friend was turned on, though she was trying
to hide it and obviously ashamed of her reaction. There was even
a wet spot by one nipple from where she was lactating.

Sheri waved a twenty and Lamar danced over to her. She shoved the
money into his trousers. Lamar slowly unbuckled his belt and
pulled it out. His fake gun and handcuffs fell to the floor.

Debbie quickly pulled out a twenty and Lamar danced over to her.
She shoved the twenty in his pocket and looked up at him.
"Unbutton my pants," he said. Debbie was surprised to find her
hands shaking as she reached up and unbuttoned his pants. "Now
pull the zipper down," he ordered. Debbie did, staring as tiger
print briefs slowly revealed themselves before he danced out of
her reach and over towards Alisa. Debbie suddenly felt jealous of
her friend, she wanted to finish removing Lamar's pants.

"How about you?" asked Lamar. Alisa was still bright red and she
shook her head, but her eyes were wide as she stared at his open
trousers. Alisa had long brown hair, always pulled back. She
never wore makeup and always wore long skirts and bulky blouses
to hide her body. The way her clothes bulged out suggested a
figure to rival Debbie's but no one had seen it, not even her
fiance. She had broken down and had sex with him, but only in the
dark, and she had worn a nightgown, lifting it up as he entered
her. She would have been the best looking girl in the group if
she put some effort into it.

"Come on Alisa," shouted Sheri.

"Yeah do it," yelled Debbie. "Have some fun."

Alisa reached into her purse and pulled out a ten. "Is this ok?"
she asked.

"Yeah honey. Put it in my pants." Alisa reached out and stuffed
the bill away. "Now pull my pants down over my hips."

Debbie was really jealous now as she watched Lamar's ass appear.
It wasn't briefs he was wearing it was more like a loin cloth and
it left his ass cheeks bare. They were as hard as his chest.
Alisa was staring cross-eyed at his crotch.

Lamar turned back around to Kerry. Even she was looking flushed
now. Debbie could see that the loin cloth looked longer then
normal and it was a little tented up about half way to Lamar's
knees. She got a better view when Lamar came back over to Sheri.
"How far are you allowed to go?" asked Debbie.

"Depends how much you tip," said Lamar.

"Is it worth it?" asked Sheri, pushing a twenty into the string
on his waist.

"Compared to me, that dildo over there is a cute little toy.

"Bull shit!" said Debbie.

"Tell you what. If you agree to tip me ten bucks an inch, I'll
take it all off."

"Do it," said Debbie. "I gotta see that monster." Lamar untied
his loin cloth and it fell to the floor. "Jesus!" said both
Debbie and Sheri.

"Let me see," pleaded Alisa, shocking herself. The margaritas
making her less uptight.

Lamar walked around the room naked. Alisa furrowed her brows in
disbelief. Kerry's jaw fell open. Lamar's cock dangled down about
eight inches, bigger then any man they had ever seen and he
wasn't even hard. It was slightly plump and angled out bending
towards the floor. Even his balls were huge.

"How big is it hard?" asked Debbie.

"Touch it to find out," said Lamar returning to her. Debbie
hesitated and then reached up, grabbing his dick. "Just give it a
few tugs," he said.

Debbie tugged, feeling her grip open as it swelled up. The thick
black cock lengthened and rose until it was now angled upward.
"How big?" asked Debbie.

"Twelve inches," said Lamar proudly. "That's $120 dollars you owe

"May I touch it? asked Sheri.

Debbie was reluctant to release it, but Lamar tugged it out of
her grasp and let Sheri run her hands all over it. "It's so
hard," said Sheri. "I've never seen or felt anything like it." It
was so big, it seemed to defy gravity. Lamar was uncircumcised,
just the tip of a huge, bulbous cock-head peeking out of his
foreskin. Sheri pulled down on his shaft, so that his cock-head
emerged, every bit as big and hard as the rest of him.

Lamar pulled it out of her grip too and walked over to Kerry, but
she recoiled from it so he moved on to Alisa. "Wanna touch it?"
he asked, waving it under her nose.

Alisa sniffed the air around it and then breathed deeply as if
inhaling his scent and then, even shy, conservative Alisa reached
out and squeezed the head. "It's so much bigger then my fiance,"
she said.

"I'm sure he's not black," said Lamar dancing back over to
Debbie. "Anything else you wanna see before I put it away?"

"Don't put it away," said Debbie thinking how it was a crime to
cover up a penis that beautiful.

"You like my cock?"

"It's incredible."

"Why don't you give the head a kiss then."

Her hand had automatically rose up to stroke it. Debbie didn't
hesitate, she forgot about the other girls and leaned forward
kissing the purplish-black, plum-sized head of Lamar's cock.
Kerry gasped, stood up, and left the room. Debbie didn't even
care anymore what her friends thought. She gave the tip a little
lick, tasting his pre-cum. She was prepared to do more just as
the music stopped and Lamar backed away. The girls were silent as
he dressed. Debbie couldn't look at them.

"Well I hope you ladies enjoyed the show." He stood at the door
once again in his fake cop uniform. The three women nodded, Kerry
still hadn't returned to the room. "There is the little matter of
my payment and you still owe me $120 dollars," he said, looking
at Debbie.

"I'm responsible for both then," said Debbie.

"Follow me out to my truck," said Lamar. Debbie rose up off the
couch and followed him.

"How much do I owe you?" asked Debbie as they stood by his truck.

"$200 to come out here, plus $120 for the bet."

"I don't have that much on me. I mean I covered the fee, but I
hadn't planned on your penis being that big."

"Little white boys have penises. You mean you didn't expect my
black cock to be this big." As Lamar spoke he unbuttoned his
pants and pulled his still rock-hard cock out. "Tell you what,
this mutha ain't gonna go down until it cums. If you finish what
you started, I'll let you slide on the bet."

"You don't mean..."

"I want you to suck my cock."

"I can't," she blurted out automatically, though the thought
excited her. Debbie wanted to suck him off. Usually, a blow job
was something she did so that a guy would return the favor, but
with Lamar, she wanted to please him. It made her feel honored to
have the privilege of making that huge black cock cum. The only
thing stopping her was her friends.

"It's that or fork over the money. I'm doing you a big favor

"You are. Thank you," said Debbie. He was being kind, letting her
slide on the bet. She found herself falling to her knees before
his cock. She took Lamar's cock head in her mouth and started
running her tongue all around it. She stretched her jaw wide and
pushed her lips towards his crotch. She wanted to make this the
best blow job ever, but she had never encountered one this large.
She felt herself choking as it pushed into her throat. She
relaxed her jaw, vowing to try harder.


"What's taking Deb so long?" said Alisa, as Kerry returned to the

Sheri got up and peeked out the window. "I can see his head
sticking up above a truck, but I can't see Debbie. His body must
be blocking her."

"Can you believe the size of that thing?" asked Alisa still

"I tell you they're subhuman," said Kerry. "I can't believe she
put her lips on a filthy Negros's dick."

Sheri's nod of agreement was halfhearted. Lamar's foot long cock
was something she would never forget. She strongly suspected she
would have kissed it to, if he had asked her.


"Do you like sucking my cock?"

Debbie nodded her head moving her lips along several inches of
Lamar's shaft. She had managed to swallow seven inches, but was
having trouble with the rest. She ended up sucking on the first
five inches while jacking the rest off with both her hands. His
cock was swelling and it seemed to throb as he approached orgasm.

"Do you swallow?"

Debbie shook her head no without removing his cock from her

"You're going to swallow mine."

Debbie hesitated, then nodded agreement. A minute later his cock
exploded in her mouth quickly filling it with sperm. She
swallowed most, but some still trickled down her chin. Debbie was
ready to release it when it blasted another wad as big as the
first. None of her boyfriends came close to matching one wad of
Lamar's sperm, but then none of them had the black man's big
balls either.

He shot several smaller loads and she swallowed every drop
wondering why she had always refused to swallow before. There was
something indescribably wonderful about kneeling before such a
masculine man and swallowing cum from his huge cock. She squeezed
the head between her lips until it shrank a couple inches and she
was sure he was done as she stroked every drop out of his long

Lamar pulled it out and smacked his wet cock against her cheeks.
"You want this cock?"

"Yes, but my friends..."

"Come to my club and I'll give you what you want."


"What took you so long? Have you been crying?" asked Sheri.
Debbie's cheeks were all puffy.

"No, I'm fine. I was getting directions. Lamar invited us back to
his club. He said he will have the dancers put on a special show
for us."

"I don't know. It's kind of late," said Kerry.

"Free drinks," said Debbie.

"Count me in then." said Sheri. She looked at Alisa. "How about
it Alisa? It's your party."

"Alright, let's go, but we're taking a taxi home if we get too

Debbie had the largest car and the three girls followed her as
they left the house.

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