Girls Night Out Part 2 - Sheri

When 4 friends venture out on the town for a 'Girl's Night', little did their husband's know that their wives would all be changed women by the morning! One by one, they get picked off and seduced by a group of black male strippers at the infamous Zebra Club! A true example of the power of BBC on hot housewives! This interracial comic series is my personal favorite!

Part 2: Sheri

"Where we headed?" asked Alisa.

"His club is just outside New York City, in Jersey," said Debbie not
taking her eyes off Lamar's truck in the distance.

"New York! That's two hours away." exclaimed Kerry.

"Relax, you can all crash at my place." Debbie lived in New York City.

"Todd will be worried," said Alisa, thinking about her fiancé. It was her bachelorette party.

"He's probably bombed out of his mind and looking at his own stripper."

"Not my Toddy." Alisa had lucked out and found someone just like
Herself; conservative, moral, and not much of a drinker. He had money
too and they were looking to start a family almost immediately.

Eventually, the car carrying the four women arrived at the strip club
pulling up behind Lamar. Debbie didn't wait for the other girls to exit
the car, she just hopped out and ran straight to Lamar. She seemed
infatuated with the black stripper with the blonde hair and huge cock.
Sheri felt a strong desire for the stripper too after seeing him wave
that giant black snake under her nose.

Sheri got out of the car followed by Alisa and Kerry. The place had
closed up about an hour ago and the parking lot was near deserted. It
had started raining about a half hour ago. The only people she could see
was a white woman with a black man. The woman was sitting on a car hood
with her legs wrapped around the back of a muscular black man. They were
kissing passionately ignoring the rain.

A big neon sign read Zebra Club and it appeared to be two clubs in one.
Two massive black men stood outside one door. Lamar led them to the
other door on the other side of the building.

"This better be worth it Lamar," shouted a deep voice when the
blonde-haired black man entered the club. "I turned down two dates and a
hundred bucks to wait for you."

"It will be," said Lamar. Sheri followed Debbie into the bar. Two black
men sat around some empty tables near the stage. A giant of a black man
with a gut was putting the bar stools up.

Lamar said to the bartender, "Pour these girls something special. Alisa
Here is getting married in three days."

The bartender grinned and walked behind the bar. None of the girls saw
him press a button on the beer tap that mixed Xcite in with the drinks.
He set them before the women.

Alisa felt bad because Lamar had promised them free drinks and she
didn't like beer. "Could I have a mixed drink instead? I know they cost
extra. I can pay you."

"What would ya like?"

"I don't know, any mix drink?"

The bartender mixed her a drink keenly aware that she was watching his
every move and he couldn't drug it.

"Wow, that's good," said Alisa tasting it after he set it in front of
her. "What is it?"

"It's called a white Russian."

"I like it. Why the funny name?"

"It's cause white men are always Russian through sex."

Alisa just frowned at the huge black man. She found him slightly
obnoxious, and he was staring at her bulky clothes like he was trying to
see what she was hiding under them, but he did mix a good drink. "What
do I owe you?"

"Nuthin. It's after last call, can't charge you."

"Thanks." She could barely taste the alcohol and half was gone before
she joined the other girls.

Sheri took the seat beside Debbie and Lamar around the stage. Alisa sat
beside Kerry in a table away from the stage.

The bartender started some music and the curtains opened. The black man
who had complained about losing two dates stood on the stage dressed as
an African warrior. He wore a fake lion skin headdress and cape, a grass
skirt, and white tooth necklace. His chest was even broader and more
muscular then Lamar's. Sheri found herself holding her breath as he
started to dance.

"That's Leon," said Lamar. "He's one of our best dancers." Leon danced
around doing some kind of tribal routine, waving his arms and thrusting
his hips. Sweat soon coated his chest making him glisten under the

Sheri reached in her purse and pulled out a five dollar bill. Leon
danced over to her and kneeled down. He had a band around his leg and
she shoved the bill into it. Leon's big white teeth grinned at her from
his dark black face. He reached behind him and fiddled with something.
When he stood up again, the grass skirt remained at his feet. He was
wearing a tiger stripped loin cloth under the skirt. Sheri glimpsed a
tremendous penis stuffed into tight underwear before the loincloth
covered it. Sheri glanced over at Debbie to see if she had seen it, but
Debbie was running her hand under Lamar's shirt along his chest and not
paying attention.

"What are those rooms?" asked Debbie, looking around the bar.

"They're for private dances," responded Lamar.

"What goes on?"

"You get one on one interaction with the dancer. Some touching is

"Can we do it?"

"Sure, it costs fifty bucks."

"Let's go."

Sheri watched Lamar lead Debbie off into the other room. Alisa and
Kerry were watching them leave with frowns on their faces.

Being the only one sitting at the stage, Sheri found herself the center
of Leon's attention. Several times he made to take off his loincloth,
but retreated. Sheri got the hint, dug into her purse and pulled out
another five.

Leon kneeled before her. The stage was built so that her face was
staring directly at his crotch. She reached out, her hand coming
dangerously close to the bulge under his loincloth as she stuck the bill
beside the other on his thigh. Leon stood up and untied the loincloth.

Sheri felt her heart flutter as he stood. The height of the stage gave
the impression that she was lying at his feet looking up at some kind of
black god. He was dancing for her pleasure, but she felt like the subservient one. She was being rewarded for her behavior by seeing
more of Leon's body after each tip. She couldn't imagine what this place
would be like crowded with dozens of women competing for Leon's

The loincloth fell to the floor and Leon discarded the lion skin cape.
He was now nude except for the necklace and briefs so thin and tiny they
looked about to burst. The front was just a pouch designed to hold
privates much smaller then Leon's. She could see the outline of his
balls, the material so tight she could make out the crease between them.
His cock seemed coiled around itself, but a large mushroom shaped lump
indicated a cock head the size of a golf ball. He danced away briefly
and she could see just a string traveling between his ass cheeks,
leaving his muscular ass bare.

"Wanna see more?" he asked kneeling before her again.

"Are you allowed to show more?"

"Not when we're open, but this is a private party. I can show you
whatever you want."

Sheri dug in her purse. She was out of small bills. She pulled out a
twenty. Seeing that monster was worth a twenty. She reached out with the
bill and stuck it beside the others. Leon stood and yanked his underwear

It seemed to roll out of his underwear, falling halfway to his knees.
Leon's cock was thick and tremendous, looking like a fat black banana
swaying between his legs. She heard the other girls gasp behind her at
the sight, she had forgotten they were there. Sheri's eyes followed the
swinging black sausage, so different from her husband's penis. Her
husband was probably six inches long when erect and Leon's cock was
longer and thicker soft. As she stared, it swelled up even bigger and
grew an inch. 
Leon stepped out of his underwear and pulled off the necklace. He was
now completely nude. Leon squatted before her face, his cock so long,
the tip brushed the stage. "Go ahead and touch it."

Sheri reached out and wrapped her fingers around the second black cock
in as many hours. Both Lamar and Leon far outclassed her husband or any
white man she had ever seen. Of course, they were strippers and probably
gifted beyond normal men.

Sheri squeezed it until his cock expanded, growing in her hand. It's
power was such that it lifted her hand up as it rose into the sky. It
was now harder then any penis she had ever seen, both unbendable and
unyielding as it stopped growing at just over a foot long.

"Impressed?" he asked.

"God yes." she said stroking her hand along it. She had a strong desire
to take him in her mouth. Fortunately, lest she give in to her impure
thoughts, Leon stood and left the stage before she got carried away. A
big bald stripper replaced him with every bit as much promise in the
crotch areas as Leon and Lamar.

Sheri glanced at the private booth. She could glimpse a naked Lamar
standing between Debbie's legs and, Jesus, but it looked like she was
licking the head of his cock. Sheri envied Debbie's unmarried status at
that moment.

"Tip me and I'll let you touch it," said Leon.

Sheri turned. A naked Leon, cock still hard, was standing beside the
other two women making his rounds. "No thanks," said Kerry looking
disgusted, but not taking her eyes off Leon's cock.

"I'll do it," said Alisa, taking a bill from her purse. The bride-to-be
stuck the bill beside the others and grabbed Leon's cock. "Nice to meet
you," she said shaking it like she was giving a hand shake and giggling

That wasn't like Alisa at all. Sheri could see three empty glasses of
white Russian’s beside her friend. Alisa could be a lot of fun when she
loosened up.     

Leon headed over to Sheri and she found her heart rate increasing. His
big cock preceded him by over a foot. Damn, she never remembered being
this horny before. "And did you enjoy the show, little lady?" he asked.

"I'm Sheri and yes I did very much." It was hard not to stare at the
baseball bat between his legs. He moved so that his tipping band was
beside her. Sheri took the hint and reached in her purse. Her hand came
out holding a fifty. She glanced over at the private rooms, then back at
the fifty, then up at Leon. "Can I get a private dance?"

"Sure baby," said Leon grabbing the fifty out of her hand. "Lets go."

Sheri stood up and followed Leon. Behind her Alisa said, "Come on Kerry
lets move up to the stage."

Leon moved the curtain aside and Sheri saw an amazing site. Lamar was
sitting on the bench stroking his cock while Debbie danced for him. She
had stripped down to a sexy pair of lacy bra and panties. "I didn't know
you could dance," said Sheri watching Debbie sway her hips. Debbie had
the body of a stripper where Sheri's was more like a model's with
smaller, firmer breasts.

Debbie looked like she was upset at being disturbed," but said, "It's
just coming natural."

"It is natural for a woman to dance to please a man," said Lamar.

Sheri found that sexist, but didn't respond and was kind of shocked
when Debbie nodded her head agreeing with Lamar. Debbie was very free
spirited and usually didn't take crap from men. She was acting like a
love sick puppy ever since she had first seen Lamar's cock.

Leon spun her around and sat her down on the bench beside Lamar. The
seats put her at face level with Leon's erect banana bobbing as he began
to dance. For something called a privacy booth there wasn't much
privacy. She glanced at Lamar and could see his huge cock glistening
from where Debbie had been sucking on it. Debbie was now topless and
Lamar was kneading her big breasts, tugging on her nipples, and every
now and then leaning forward to kiss them.

Leon grabbed her head and turned it towards his cock as he began moving
it before her eyes. It had a hypnotic affect on her and she couldn't
take her eyes off it. His voice broke her trance. "How long you been

Sheri rubbed her thumb along her ring finger without taking her eyes of
Leon's cock. "Five years."

"How nice. Does your husband have a cock like this?"

"Ha. No, not even close."

"Oh that’s too bad. I bet you haven't had a good fuck in years then."

How rude, she thought, but he wasn't wrong. It had been over a year
since she had an orgasm. Sheri did the math in her head. No, it had
been a couple years. She and Dan were just too busy teaching, that sex
felt more like a duty then fun. Every nerve in her body was telling her
that the delicious smelling cock he was swaying under her nose wouldn't
have trouble giving her orgasms.

"Dear god, that‘s good!"

That was Debbie. Sheri glanced over at her friend and was shocked to
see she was nude and had lowered herself over Lamar's dick. Sheri could
see her friends engorged clit and pussy lips spread wide around the huge
intruder and she had only taken a couple inches.

"I'm cumming!"

Sheri watched as a steady stream of clear fluid slid down Lamar's cock
helping to coat it and Debbie slid down it a couple more inches.     
The hot sex show next to her, the sexual smell filling the confined
room, and her unusual state of arousal all contributed to what Sheri
did next. Her tongue licked out and along the tip of Leon's cock. He
immediately stopped moving it and held it before her mouth as her tongue
licked all around the head.

Sheri just had to suck him off, just had to. A blow job wasn't really
cheating anyway. She wasn't about to go any further.

Sheri was out of practice. She hadn't done this for her husband in
years and that had been like swallowing a straw compared to Leon's black
PVC pipe. With Dan, she sucked just to lubricate him before sex and she
never swallowed. With Leon, her purpose was to show her respect for his

Sheri stretched her jaw wide around his cock head and took him into her
mouth. She pushed forwards and felt herself gagging as the head entered
her throat.

Leon stepped back and pulled her to her feet, switching places with her.
He pushed her back down and sat beside Lamar. Sheri was now kneeling on
the dirty floor. She glanced at Debbie. Her friend had impaled herself
on Lamar's cock and was sitting still while she grew accustomed to
having her pussy stuffed so full. Sheri could clearly see the steady
stream of her friend's cum dripping over Lamar's balls. Leon smacked his
cock across her face and she took the hint, taking him into her mouth
once again.

This position was easier on her throat and she pushed down taking
several inches into her throat this time. It felt natural and primal to
be kneeling between his legs like this. Sheri found herself letting go,
attacking his cock with more gusto then she had ever shown her husband.

Leon pulled his cock out of her mouth when she had bobbed her head up to
the tip. He pulled it back to his stomach and said, "lick my balls."
Sheri obeyed, licking all around his hairy nut sack, amazed at how big
and full they were. He released his cock and it smacked her in the face.
She quickly returned his shaft to her mouth.

Eventually, Leon's cock swelled even bigger and began twitching. She
wanted him to cum more then anything, but she also wanted this to last
forever. The head of his cock grew so big, she feared it would wedge in
her throat, so she backed off just sucking on the tip. His cock spasmed,
filling her mouth with so much sperm her cheeks bulged out. She
swallowed it, only to have her mouth fill with sperm again and again.
She had never swallowed Dan's cum before, but then her husband hadn't
cum this much in five years of marriage.

Leon stood and she kept the tip in her mouth making sure she had sucked
it dry. "Keep sucking, it'll stay hard," he said switching places with
her again. His cock never left her mouth as he lifted her up onto the
bench. Sheri glanced at Debbie. Milky white sperm now coated Lamar's
shaft as Debbie slowly rode him. Her eyes had rolled up in her head and
she looked like she was in heaven.

Leon pulled her to her feet again and began unbuttoning her blouse. She
looked at his still hard cock glistening with her saliva as he opened
her shirt. "No Leon, we can't go any further. I'm married. I don't know
why I did that."

"Relax baby," he said. "I just wanna see you. It's only fair. You've
seen me naked."

Sheri didn't fight him as he removed her blouse and his skilled hands
unsnapped her bra. "But you’re a stripper. I'm supposed to see you naked
in exchange for tipping you. Ahhhh..." Sheri moaned as Leon began
pinching her nipples. Her breasts weren't large and her nipples were
only as big as dimes, but they were the hardest she's ever seen them.

"Let me see you naked and I'll tip you," said Leon already undoing her

Sheri had already spent over a hundred bucks on the two strippers and
wondered how much of it she'd get back if Leon tipped her. She held
still and let him pull her jeans down over her hips. She quickly yanked
her panties down embarrassed by their drabness compared to Deb's sexy
Pair from Hidden Closet. "Well, am I worth tipping?" she asked quivering with fear he'd reject her. Sheri knew she was attractive and had a great figure, but she always felt plain next to Deb.

"You’re beautiful, Sheri. I think you deserve a big tip." Sheri flushed
with pleasure at his compliment. He continued, "but first I want to see
you. Sit down." Sheri obeyed. She was a little embarrassed by her hairy
bush. She hadn't needed to shave off any of the reddish-brown hair.
"Open your legs up for me. I wanna see your insides."

Sheri hesitated a fraction of a second. She hadn't even given Dan the
view Leon was asking to see. His look suggested he wouldn't take no for
an answer and she found her knees slowly opening.

"Not good enough," said Leon. He bent down and grabbed her ankles
spreading her legs wide. Sheri gasped as her pussy opened up for him to
see. "Damn bitch, is yo pussy always this wet?"

“Not that I can remember."

"One last thing before I tip you," said Leon moving forward between her
legs and bending down. "I want to kiss those pretty red lips."

"I s-shouldn't," she stuttered, his body looming over her. His hands
still gripped her ankles spreading them wide.

"Just a kiss and then your tip." Sheri parted her lips as the large
black man brought his lips down against hers. She planned on just a
quick peck, but his tongue pushed into her mouth. She pushed back trying
to force it out of her mouth, but instead they just slid around each
other. "Here's your tip," he said breaking contact with her lips.

Sheri's pussy lips parted as Leon's bulbous cock-head entered her. She
was so wet and so spread open, it easily slid inside. "Oh god," she
moaned. "What are you doing?"

"It's just the tip," he said kissing her again. "It's what you wanted
isn't it? Want me to take the tip back?"

"No," she cried, ashamed of herself.
"Want a bigger tip?"


Leon pushed some more in and pulled back. He began thrusting his hips,
letting her juices coat his cock and pushing more in with each thrust.

"Oh god Dan, why don't you feel this good inside me," she cried feeling
guilty for betraying her husband and guiltier for enjoying it so much.   

"It's cause he's white, bitch. Dan will never feel good inside you ever
again after this." With one powerful thrust Leon slammed his entire foot
long cock inside her.

Sheri felt her pussy balloon up around his cock and then her muscles
squeezed down against it as if not wanting to let it out. Her pussy
spasmed around it and a wave of pleasure traveled up her body as her
first orgasm in years burst from her womb. Correction, her first ever
orgasm, none of the others even came close to the one Leon's fat cock
had given her.

And that was just the first of many. Leon leaned forward and braced
himself on the bench. Sheri threw her legs over his shoulders and held
on as Leon began to move. He started slow, keeping his cock buried in
her and just moving it a little. His thrusts turned deeper, more
powerful, until Leon was fucking her with the entire length of his cock.
His powerful piston-like thrusts drew orgasm after orgasm out of her and
she had never been multi orgasmic. She no longer felt guilty for
cheating on Dan. She felt angry now that she knew there were men, real
men, out there that knew how to fuck like Leon and apparently Lamar
also. Real men, that know how to treat a woman, black men. "Fuck me,"
she growled at him, raising her hips up into his thrusting cock. "Fuck
me with your big black cock."      

Leon buried his cock in her and it jerked as he impaled her. Sheri
screamed and writhed around his cock as she had her biggest orgasm yet.
Jet after jet of his hot cum sprayed places no man had ever gone before
and she thrashed around in total ecstasy.

Leon pulled out. "I gotta piss. I'll be back." Sheri could see Kerry,
the bigot of the group standing by the curtains peeping in as Leon left.
Her friend looked aghast at what she saw. Then the curtains fell closed

Sheri sat on the bench with her legs spread wide and Leon's cum
dripping out of her pussy. His sperm pooled on the floor and as she
watched it, she noticed the stains of countless pools of cum on the
floor, the walls, even the bench. The stains were faint as if someone
attempted to clean them up, but it was in vain.

Debbie was sitting beside her now, sucking on Lamar's cock as he stood
between her legs. Black men seemed to have an amazing recovery rate. "I
hope I get another belly full," said Debbie as she teased the tip of
Lamar's cock with her tongue. It was swollen and glistening as he
approached orgasm again.  

"So you want to swallow more of my cum?" Lamar pulled his cock out of
Deb's mouth and was looking down at Sheri as he said it. He stepped
back, squatted down before Sheri's spread legs, quickly pushing his
cock into her.

"Another hot, white pussy satisfied by black cock," he said. Lamar had
been close with Debbie's blow job and didn't last long. "I'm gonna fill
that white pussy with some cum bitch."

"No Lamar, I wanted it," said Debbie.

Lamar's back was arched as he shot Sheri's cum-soaked pussy full of his
sperm. "You want it. There it is. Go get it. He pulled Debbie up and
pushed her between Sheri's legs. 

Debbie stared at Sheri's sperm saturated pussy for a moment and then
leaned forward. Sheri arched her back as a wave of pleasure shot up her
spine. Debbie's tongue sounded like a dog lapping up water as it licked
over her labia and up to her engorged clit. Debbie was running her
tongue around trying to get all the sperm she could. She was completely
unconcerned with Sheri's pleasure, but she still triggered an orgasm
and Sheri writhed in pleasure grinding her pussy into Debbie's mouth.

Suddenly, Debbie's tongue shot deep into her pussy farther then Dan's
prick had ever been and Debbie muffled a scream. Her face struggled to get out of Sheri’s pussy. Sheri opened her eyes
to see the bartender had entered the room and shoved his giant cock
into... "My god, he's fucking your ass."

"You're next little lady," said Leon returning from the bathroom, his
cock rising as he spoke.

The big bald stripper was following Leon. Yet another huge cock swung
between his legs, but it was rapidly rising as he stared at the two

Sheri just nodded. She was willing to do anything to please these men.
Another orgasm shot up her spine as Debbie's tongue was repeatedly
forced into her pussy from the ass fucking she was getting. Sheri had
no idea how she'd take Leon's big cock up her ass, but tonight she was
willing to try anything.


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